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I am a new teacher to the East Orange School District, and to the Hart Middle School Complex. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and Voice from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and I am currently working toward a Master's degree in Music Education at nearby Montclair State University. Outside of the classroom, I am a professional choral musician and soloist. I sing with a number of choral organizations in Morris, Essex, and Mercer counties; and I am a classically trained baritone soloist.

Despite my various extracurricular commitments as a musician, my greatest passion and calling has always been to share my love of music through teaching. While it is certainly more difficult for some, I firmly believe that every person can learn to sing and, therefore, can learn to work collaboratively with others to make beautiful music and to become part of something far bigger than themselves. Reaching students at the middle school level is a key component of guaranteeing they achieve the musical literacy and ability necessary to attain extramusical goals such as discipline, pride, cooperation, cultural awareness, and community. As we strive to become better musicians, we become better human beings.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please e-mail me: peter.tamburro@eastorange.k12.nj.us

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